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…’We meet to part’…

… ‘We meet to part, we part to meet’…
Don’t know where i heard or read that but that’s been on my mind for awhile now. Everyday we meet people, make new acquaintances, some develop into full friendships, some remain as such, others fizzle away. We often enjoy these new developments and get caught up in the first few days. It is always so sweet when these acquaintances become true relationships that we cherish.

But then most often than none, these relationships fizzle out. Maybe ‘cos we have ran out of excitement, no other things connects us, we have found new playmates or the spark we thought was there wasn’t a spark at all, maybe a flash, a fake light, like d moon.

Ąπϑ then, some acquaintances need a rekindling, needs oxygen to revive a glowing splint (or is it hydrogen?). The spark may have been doused by conflict, misunderstanding, human factor or distance… ‘We part to meet’…

While other acquaintances are not worth fighting for… ‘We meet to part’… No point trying to revive something that would become a heavy lead.

Funny, sometimes we don’t allow some acquaintances develop further ‘cos we think ‘it would never work out, so why bother’ but then we are only human, short-sighted. Those aborted relationships could have given birth to something beautiful. But instead we save short term pleasure.

Where am I going with this? i don’t know. Just me purging my mind.

p.s: you might be wondering what this image have in connection to my thoughts, that’s my purging position