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reversed puberty

“Arrrgggh, these pimples are beginning to get on my nerves”. Its been over two months now and they are showing no signs of leaving! What’s all these nah, all my bobos plus aspiring ones are running away. Imagine the other day i went to see my mentor at her office (that’s gist for another day) and as i was signing the visitors log book, a guy walked up to me and said “hi what lovely pimples you have”. Msheeeeeew, i was scoping the guy before but the tin fly sharp sharp. What insolence! You don’t say that to a chick!

But come these zits are beginning to give me cause for concern. As a teenager i never had to bother with acne, black spots you name it, had a smooth face. The envy of my cousins (sssh don’t tell them i said so). Didn’t break out so i thought i had conquered every teenagers nightmare. Can this be reversed puberty? i won’t be surprised my digestive and excretory system doesn’t function as other people’s. i visit the john like four to five times if i haven’t had anything to eat and less that amount after eating. No one has been able to explain why its so.

Anywayz back to the pimples issue. i decided to use facial scrub, facial cleanser, use goat milk body wash but they seem to be playing merry-go-round on my face, keep changing location until they decided to form a colony on each cheek.

Decided to look to my older cousin for beauty tips she has such smooth skin (so jealous *rolling my eyes*) and this is what i got; she has different mixtures. For fruit lovers this might be vexing
1. Banana, oat Ąπϑ honey
2. Apple, banana Ąπϑ honey
3. Egg, banana, oat Ąπϑ honey
4. Mix all the above ingredients. together.

After mixing, rub it on your face and maybe your whole body. Note this should be after bathing. Then you sit still for about forty-five minutes before rinsing. This should be done every morning. My cousin likes to kill two birds with a stone so she does her ‘major business’ and read her bible while sitting still.

I’m like wha da?, i don’t have time for all that, got better things to do like sleep, sleep and sleep. That’s also a therapy; beauty sleep.

To add insult to my already bleeding injury, mumc keeps telling me that at her age she has a youthful skin and fresh face unlike mine. She keeps pressurising me to try my cousin’s remedy. At this point i just might.
So please if you know of ways to end my mid life crisis issue, do share.