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TAN U (thank you), you’re far too kind!

And the award for the most versatile blog goes to” *drum rolls*…..


“emm, psst, babe na u dem dey call”.   *rouses from sleep* “oh yeah? you sure? Oh yeah na me ooo!”

“abeg, all of una shift make i fin road pass, oops sorry” *clears throat* “ahem, i mean excuse me i want to make my way to the stage thank you”

” i wanna thank my mummy and my daddy Mr and Mrs…, my grandma, uncles, aunties, cousins, tobi ogunbadejo (you’ve been a good critic 😉 christopher , tobbie, abiola, bleble, lola, idris (Ʊ knw ursefs) i wanna thank my pry 5 English teacher, Mr joe for trying all you can  to help me differenciate between tenses, verbs, pronouns, phrases, clauses (still make small mistakes but i try), i want to thank mr olisa….. my manager, make up artist, personal dj, chauffeur…. (whew, everyone in the hall don sleep sha) any how TAN U, TAN U!”

ok ok, for reals now. this is the first time I’m receiving an award for my blog and i feel so honoured ‘cos it is coming from someone i admire a lot, Neetah (memoirs of a woman with chutzpah, . It’s been a while i checked her blog trust me and im saying this with my checks turning rose red+scarlet red, i am addicted to her blog *coversface* The first time she commented on my blog i was surprised, and i did small windeck.

They say with more recognition comes  more responsibilities. yup i concur, ‘cos this award comes with its own. i got to pay for it in black and white, but i ain’t complaining, woe unto me if i complain. so here are my instructions;

1.Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2.Share 7 things about yourself.
3.Pass this Award along to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it!

so without further ado, I’ll go straight to business.

I want to thank miss neetah (soon to be Mrs. *bigsmile*) for this wonderful award, recorgnistion and encouragement. more grease to your elbow and each morning you step out into the hussle and buzzle(is dat a word) of lasgidi, chin up always ‘cos you’re out to hit it with a storm. keep the good stuff flowing! p.s do visit her blog, see link above.

so this is the part that always makes me go blank for a few seconds, especially when asked in an interview or by a cute bloke on our first meeting (too busy admiring his cuteness 😉 7 things about me in no particular order;

1. I am an addict. yup i am addicted to Kellogg’s cocopops. every other cereal just tast bland. i tried rice krispies once but i ended up adding milo in each bowl. yes i am a choco addict. chocolates are ladies best friends

2. my fingers have acquired immunity against peppery sensations from ‘atarodo’ (small red pepper and chili pepper). yes i dont feel the sensation till i am reminded of it potency when i rub my eyes or wash my bum.

3. once had a dream of becoming a ballerina, but that was cut short in j.s.s 1 when our ballet instructor told us we had to pay 1k for registration and rehearsal wears. kicked the idea fast out of my mind before my mum did.

4. i could easily have played the role of the flexible guy in ‘fantastic four’ without any film trick. would have cost the director less ‘cos i’m a nice gal, would have charged $50 000. ok my point is im quite flexible. most people dont believe me ‘cos i am nicely padded until i do the split and bend over backwards until my hands touch the ground with no support.

5. if i wasn’t in the health sector, i probably would be an electrical engineer. As a child, i loved to open up electronics, pull them apart then arrange them like a puzzle. when things need fixing or setting up around the house, call me the-go-to-gal

6. i hate trying one things or giving the shop owners/attendants the idea that i am gonna buy something when I’m window shopping. i prefer to browse through the store, get the prices and move out. i feel its unfair to stress them and give them false hope. i sell too so i know how that feels.

7. I AM A WEEPER! i cry at the slightest emotional scene in movies, or song lyrics. in secondary school i got teased a lot by my classmate ‘cos the sight of a cane was enough to set the tap flowing.

Now to the hardest part of my instructions. to pass the award to 15 blogs. ill try my best *

1. Jenim Dibie


3. Le Dynamique Proffeseur:









okay i don’t know any more blogs to put up 😦  i wish i had more. but these blog are wonderful.