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The man in the stall

It was a bright sunny day. Nothing special. Nothing unusual. Nothing seemed awry. Everything was the same. The day came along with its routines. Mummy woke me, bathe me, prepared my back pack, and sent me off to school. There was no indication in the sun, no stiffness in the air, no goose pimples. Maybe a signal, sign, warning might have altered my mummy’s decision. But who could have predicted. Only one with clairvoyant ability could have.

Time wore on, like a train on a track, before i knew it, long break was here. As the sea of heads hurried towards the playground and kiosk, i made a quick beeline for the toilet. Nature was calling and i must not soil myself. Mummy would be very upset with me. In the toilet, a man stood silently in the corner. i took no note of him, maybe if i was a bit older i would have. All the stalls were empty. So i choose the middle one, my favourite. I had written the name of my crush on the wall and i love to stare at it while attending to business, dreaming of us running and playing together. “petite papa noël…” i practised the song while i emptied my bowels. i had been chosen to be part of a bunch who will sing in french at the upcoming prize giving day. i was anticipating an award too, so my need for practise.

Finished my business, and unto the sink to wash my hands still singing.
“Hey little one can you come and help uncle?”. Startled, i had forgotten the man i saw earlier. This time, he called from a stall. If i was a bit older, alarms would have gone off. But then they didn’t. i opened the door and he pulled me in gently. He said “pretty gal come in, don’t be shy, uncle just needs a little loving. Don’t worry i won’t hurt you. Come sit on my laps and tell me your name”. Like a hypnotised blonde, i obeyed. Was it the way he called out to me with his sweet voice, or the way he looked like the sun or the fact that he was mysterious? i don’t know.

i was intrigued by the man in the toilet stall. He carried me gently on a lap and asked me questions. i answered automatically without taking note of what his hands were up to. i talked on and his replies were “wow”, “smart gal”, pretty gal” on and on the praises kept coming. “i heard you singing the other time, come on, sing to uncle”. So like a juke box i did. i was eager to impress this man i sang my best song ‘this little light of mine, i’m gonna let it shine..’

“Ah yes your light is definitely shining, sing my angel, sing for uncle”. Then he moved me closer to himself, and placed my left hand in-between his thighs, that was when i look down for the first time. He had his pants down and i felt something long and hard. Then he coaxed my to sing some more while i left my hand there.

Then i started to shake. Something is wrong here, what am i doing here, am so scared, i need to get to class. My discomfort begins to show, i tell him i needed to go, but didn’t wait for approval. The bells finally rang. Better late than never i suppose, but i wish they had rang sooner.

Thank God my right hand was quick to unlock the door. i ran out as fast as i could not bothering with personal hygiene. That could wait.

My body stumbled into class, teacher was already there. Everyone stared, but i didn’t care. I sat down quickly giving my sit partner a half-wit-ted smile. My body was in class but my mind had wandered away.

What started as an innocent journey to the loo, became a memory in my mind.