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who am i?

After months of staring  at this empty page and wordpress telling me to write something, i finally (wo)maned up and got down to business. so here goes something (nothing *shrug*)

The first thing people notice about me is my complexion. I am dark skinned, and if black have shades, I’ll be the same category with the horse ‘black beauty’. some of my friends call me shadow, a mischievous one nicknamed me noob saitob after a character in mortal combats video games (see picture below)

At least my skin color is evened out, no one will be confused trying to guess my complexion. I’m black and proud (yup!). i coined out a nickname for myself after i got tired of answering to shadow; Boyinda. its the combination of my first and middle name. funny when i tell pips they think its my name or they go what is that? i have to explain my nickname, imagine.  “my nickname people!”. Sorry i get sensitive. back to the task at hand.

I am awfully quiet when i meet new people but become the total opposite when we become familiar. Have few friends whom i love and am loyal too.

Favorite color is blue

i love to read. books (best author Ted Dekker), blogs (memoirs of a woman by chutzpah), bella naija

music (genres R n B, soft rock, rap) right now i am so in love with Adele’s new album 21. i love Asa, I’m  even on dreads! whenever i wear my glasses some people say i look like her (in my mind). recently fell in love with this Nigerian dude on cobhams asuquo’s label, Bez deep guy (please if you have his album hook a gal up 😉 )switchfoot (especially “only hope”), patti labelle’s two steps away, jars of clay, jeremy camp, Deitrick Haddon and his wife Damita…. got a long list this blog space won’t contain it.

movies?: i am addicted to romantic comedies. i love to laugh cry and be musshy. like action movies, not really a fan of horror movies. recently discovered a site ‘’ allows you to watch movies online i have to discipline myself so my school work wont suffer.

how do i relax?: in my room, lights off, fan set to the highest, AC lowest, on my bed watching a movie with snack and drink. im not the party type, mostly indoor but i love to visit new places.

i like to experiment a lot while cooking, i love one pot meals i.e food that i can prepare using one pot, i don’t like dancing around but if required i use the necessary amount of pots. my favorites are  bean and plantain together, yam porridge, and jollof rice. trust me they are exceptional if i am allowed to rate myself. i am also a bread junkie. anything made from it count me in.

love to play games (best game diablo 2), watch football (up blues) and…. I’ve ran out of things to write.

oh well these should do.

C ya lerra!


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