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Monthly Archives: March 2015


Words…. why do they elude me when I need them. They seem to grow wings and fly away.. or wait do they disappear?  However it is, they fail me when I need them. One would think words will be there in time of trouble, when in a fix or just when confused, but alas! they leave you to your demise making you appear, silly, stupid or inept.

Once upon a time words and I used to be best of allies. Well I thought

Words elude me, words betray me. They go missing when I need them the most. Thought they were dependable but alas! Found out not so.
Hear them in my ears giving me encouragement, we have great conversations in my mind, and they give me backbone only to find out they have been pretending to care when faced with opposition.
I have been hurt too many times, mostly by words. Each time I say no more, I won’t get broken by words but then again, I trust and the circle never breaks.
I see words having a romantic relationship with others and I get jealous,  or how do you explain it coming up to others defence but stabbing me in the back.
Is there something I’m doing wrong? How can I get words to be loyal to me, be my ally?