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Monthly Archives: November 2011

…’We meet to part’…

… ‘We meet to part, we part to meet’…
Don’t know where i heard or read that but that’s been on my mind for awhile now. Everyday we meet people, make new acquaintances, some develop into full friendships, some remain as such, others fizzle away. We often enjoy these new developments and get caught up in the first few days. It is always so sweet when these acquaintances become true relationships that we cherish.

But then most often than none, these relationships fizzle out. Maybe ‘cos we have ran out of excitement, no other things connects us, we have found new playmates or the spark we thought was there wasn’t a spark at all, maybe a flash, a fake light, like d moon.

Ąπϑ then, some acquaintances need a rekindling, needs oxygen to revive a glowing splint (or is it hydrogen?). The spark may have been doused by conflict, misunderstanding, human factor or distance… ‘We part to meet’…

While other acquaintances are not worth fighting for… ‘We meet to part’… No point trying to revive something that would become a heavy lead.

Funny, sometimes we don’t allow some acquaintances develop further ‘cos we think ‘it would never work out, so why bother’ but then we are only human, short-sighted. Those aborted relationships could have given birth to something beautiful. But instead we save short term pleasure.

Where am I going with this? i don’t know. Just me purging my mind.

p.s: you might be wondering what this image have in connection to my thoughts, that’s my purging position


developed world, really?

Disclaimer: you may read this and go “boring” well it’s me freeing my mind.

Most of the time what the media projects is how bad and poor developing world especially Africa is. The way people live on the street, our level of poverty, women and children mortality, morbidity rate our level of corruption, crime, illiteracy level, killing …. the list is endless. In all, Africa is a third world that needs the intervention of international policies. They need to tell us how to run our economy, in what areas we are falling short behind developing.

Today in class as part of an inequality lecture, we were shown a video “USA: Down and out” ( and this video really shows that the so called developing worlds have major issues to deal with and there is no such thing as the perfect economy.This is a recent documentary of how the recession affected the lives of the minority in my own opinion. These minorities were middle class people who had jobs, houses and a safety net. After the recession, salaries where cut, people had to depend on charity organizations for food, people lost their homes because of failure in paying mortgages. these are professionals, Ph.D holders, war veterans all forced to live one day at a time.

One part that touched me was a little girl who said she couldn’t explain to her friends in school why the school bus picks her up from a shelter, she just tells them she doesn’t want to talk about it. another was a man who said the greatest part of loosing his home was the fact he had to stand in line to get the basic amenities of life, life bathing, eating.

The fact is, these developed worlds are heavily based on credit system, you need a house, get a loan, a car get a loan, health have an HMO cover and when wall street crashed, guess who got hit, the minorities that depended on these loans. Obviously the investors and the wealthy would want their money intact to continue the life they live so every one who got these loans had to pay up or get booted out. well we know how that ended.

What’s the governments take? if you earn below 800 dollars they can help with feeding but sorry no housing, if you earn above 900 dollars then they can give you small help on housing and debt management. Everything is politics, keep the rich people and investment houses happy. Now my analyzes are not accurate i am basing my thoughts on what i saw. But seriously i felt we have hope in Africa.

Yea yea we have corruption i know, and our poverty rate is high, but for once i was happy that the media would show the bad side of a major world power, show that not all grasses are green on the other side. For once Africa is not the bullied child. It goes to show that the government of these developed worlds still have a lot of loop ends and are not so much of the ideal economy.

As i see it, the citizens of these country although they feel they have freedom to do whatever they want, they are not so free. Their lives are ruled by bills and taxes and as much as these credit systems seem so enticing, it is a major stress developer.

A cascading effect generates from recession, no money, loss of house, can’t feed, loss of self esteem and security, families are divided because children are sent to relatives, poor nutrition due to consistent dependence on processed food or inability to get food, emotional instability, people living on the street are targeted has criminals and arrested.

I love these countries, yea, and i feel African nations can learn from some of their policies, but these policies are flawed too.