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what da?….its d alarm!

I am soooooo pissed right now if i see any of these student managers that are students I’ll so punch ’em. it was after 3 am this morning i was still thinking in my subconscious that my room was cold probably the heater doesn’t work, and  i was gonna report this to the hostel managers the next day when all of a sudden out of the blues, the fire alarm went off! at first i was wondering who was making that loud noise then i remembered the induction the other day about fire alarms going off when smoke was detected. omo see panic attack. i thought oh no this was my first year in the university all again! i scrambled out of the room with only my pjays, then ran in to take a slippers went out saw my neighbor locking his room, ran in back to get my keys then i saw my jacket and  i grabbed that too. all the while i was shaking cos my room is on the last floor!

Finally got the keys to work and i ran downstairs, to find senior students asking us freshers to move to the car park. we were all confused a bunch ‘cos we didn’t see any fire. some freshers had gone out partying and were drunk, some ran out in underpants, others no slippers it was a frenzy in the freaking cold! thank God i grabbed a jacket.

We stood outside for like 20 mins plus, not understanding what was going on, when two fire fighters truck rolled in. stood there another 5mins then they asked us to go back in welcoming us to first year! i wanted to punch that dude, seriously? that was a welcome?? what happened to parties and retreats?? that’s a welcome, not scaring the beeep out of me and freezing me up in the cold! with thoughts going through my mind.

funny but not so funny, in my first year in the university, my room was really on fire. one of my roommate had used candle to read on the table near the window. i warned her about it, but she forgot and slept off. i felt the room warm up and i was like “mehn this room is so hot tonight wetin dey?” when all of a sudden i heard faint shouts of fire but i dint really take not, then the room became soo hot i woke up lo and behold the whole window was on fire! the candle had caught the end of the curtains and spread rapidly up, burning the net and everything near the window. omo if u see adrenaline in action. woke my two roommates up. thankfully, two of us had fetched buckets of water down the previous night, so we just kicked into action pouring water on it not giving a care for the rug on the floor. the porters came in and one of ’em pulled the curtain down and the fire was doused.

It was God at work in our lives that night ‘cos we had locked ourselves in the room, and during the period the fire was on, NEPA did not decide to restore power.

Now thats some freshman fire scare! they can like to leave me out of these drills thank you, or fix it for day time, when my nerves can take it.


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  1. L̃̾Õ☺Õ̾ÔÕÔ☺ÔÕ̾L̃̾ nice one…..

  2. That ws funny thou.*smiles*

  3. yea to think it happened today again, mteeew. this time i was cooking, had to switch off the gas cooker left my food in the kitchen to grab a coat b4 Joining the sea of students heading out. *rollingmyeyes*

  4. guide casino
    It’s people like you that make my evening…

  5. Yeah,I do remember the fire experience.I was just sleepin like a drunk.Thank God sha,we for enter soup that night.


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