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wharra dream

So today, i finally became a graduate member of the Nigerian Institute of Management *slots in recorded applause* thank you! thank you!. The enemies tried to deter me, i crossed the blistering deserts, swam the seven seas, climbed the highest mountains and i conquered it all!

Uh ok that’s not how it happened. i wrote my exams last year december as a corper and results came out this year april i think? i can’t remember. Induction was scheduled for the next month of results release so we were required to register online after paying 10 000 naira. Most people are of the opinion that NIM-NYSC is a scam introduced by the organisation to make money off unassuming corpers. I am of the opinion that it is better than doing nothing through out the service year whether it is a rip-off or not. (Well i wasn’t your typical regular class goer, we sha read hand outs Ąπϑ passed).

Lazy as i was at that time (i haff to gain all the weight i lost during the service year nah), i delayed registration until the date closed. So i had to wait for the next induction ceremony after blowing grammar on phone with a rude receptionist at the NIM office (the tin pain me, i’ll be inducted with my junior otondos *smh). Thank God for a fellow lazy corper, who informed me of today’s induction registration or i would have missed it too.

Today started well. Kudos to NIM for putting African time into consideration. On the website, the program was to start by 9 am only to see 10 am on the program. Very smart move. But wasn’t fair on people like me who do not walk with african time. We just like to be fashionably late, like 10 mins after scheduled time (that’s to seminars like this. i arrive on time for serious meetings where money is involved 😀 )
Don’t wanna bore my blog with the details of the dragged on ceremony ‘cos i nodded few times myself.

Finally got home, ate the half done jollof rice they gave us (na wetin our 10K bring come) Ąπϑ sleep came calling. i don’t know if it was my disappointment with the food, or my creative imagination, i had a weird dream. In the dream, i saw rolls of long work tables . On each were gigantic food ingredients the size of the bean stalk in the kids book ‘jack Ąπϑ the bean stalk’. No there were no giants chasing me and definitely no gold coins, hen that lays golden eggs or golden singing harp.

Each table was dedicated to the chopping of a particular vegetable or food stuff. The whole scene was like watching ‘Top chef’ on MNET with me and my family salivating in the audience. soup boiled in cauldrons, pastries, all the kind of ‘mede mede’ you see on food network but can never eat. i was about stirring a delicacy when i received back hand slap from behind. Mumc said, ‘let the master chef do it’. i tell you i felt that slap for real. The next thing i know i was dreaming of BMW jeep Ąπϑ ‘ijapa’.

A phone call brought me back to reality. i thought that was weird. The dream that is.


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  1. i like your blog o! this one was particularly funny. lol. look at what ‘abara’ can do, even in a dream. lol


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