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I am not my hair

When I’m out on the road i unconsciously take note of things, people, places occurrences and we know lagos is not lacking in these areas. Lasgidi no dey carry last for show.

Anyway so i was on a bike today on my way to… Y’all don’t need to know that 😀 and was enjoying the cool breeze on my face, most especially the way my Brazilian hair was flirting with the wind (ok i know what you are thinking, “you didn’t have to mention that”, well ‘its my hair’ and i can ‘feel’ with it even if it was my aunty who dashed me) i drifted off into a distant land, india to be precise. Starring in a blockbuster love movie. i was the beautiful damsel in distress riding on the back of her handsome prince in shiny leather jacket’s power bike (whoo! that was a mouth full). we were riding away into oblivion damning the rest of the world, like bonnie and clyde (without the bank robberies )

it was him and i against traffic *c.d starts to skip* – shoot we don hit traffic, msheeew.

All of a sudden, as if i had received Jessica Alba’s transplanted evil eyes from the movie ‘The eye’, i began to notice babes on the road, more than half of them had Brazilian hair on! Or is it malaysian hair or indian hair? :s i don’t know.

Then i remembered this picture that was popular not too long ago. A lot of my male friends and few girlfriends used it as their display picture

Huh hun, you’ve seen it too. So what does it matter if a babe should fix the hair and it did not improve her physical appearance? (Note i didn’t say ugly oo, God has created everyone fearfully and wonderfully). True beauty comes from within and not from the outside. It can not be worn or taken off. True beauty is inbuilt, innate, inborn. True beauty isn’t what our DNA is composed of, it is what our heart is made of.

i don’t wanna go preacher, and sometimes I’m guilty of this sin, but it pains me when I’m judged by the way i look. i don’t want to be judged by how pretty i am or how plain i appear. i don’t want to be judged by the labels on my back and feet. Or by the makeup on my face. i want to be appreciated for my inner beauty.

So what if i fix a brazilian, malaysian, indian, chinese hair and look hot but inside i’m as dumb as a box of rock, and my head is like a hot air balloon? My weave is a waste.

So what if the babe as hair like a peacock with all the colours of a rainbow? Or she has on dreads that makes her look like a moping stick? Her beauty is within and not without.

So the next time you see a babe with brazilian and well you think there is no improvement, do not hate, appreciate. No one wants to be judged by their hair.
Our beauty is from within and not the words of india arie “i am not my hair”


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  1. Isn’t it funny how d hair kinda gets more attention dan d person herself…I’m so not the type of man to gloat about how good looking I am, but its strange how most pple thought I looked terrible for ever shaving off my hair totally…then d hair grew…and waula! I’m “good looking” again…

    I like d write up…but take it or leave it, ur hair is part of u and it’ll either add to ur outer beauty or not, and given dat most pple are so vain and only look at pple’s outward appearance b4 they get to assess der inward appearance its best to make sure ur hair looks great! You’re certainly not ur hair, but in a world full of beautiful pple inwardly and outwardly, full of pple who most likely hav a better inner beauty dan u, I suggest u make ur hair look good so u can at least get a chance to compete at d very top!
    This write up is a brilliant piece!!!

  2. Lovely… I am not my hair…

  3. Yup yup, appearance is what attracts people first to you before they get to know you, but then it shouldn’t be what you use to classify a person in totalty.


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